1984-85 Archive

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Volume 4, Issue 1

Music Copyrights and Antitrust: A Turbulent Courtship
Simon H. Rifkind

The 1984 Cable Act: Prologue and Precedents
Daniel L. Brenner & Monroe Price

Cable Speech for Whom?
Mark S. Nadel

Defining the Relevant Product Market of the New Video Technologies
Lawrence P. Blaskopf

The Socialization of Copyright
Midge M. Hyman

Why Is This Sale Different from All Other Sales? Abrams v. Sotheby Parke Bernet, Inc.
Joette Milians Blaustein

Radio Deregulation and the Public Interest: Office of Communication of the United Church of Christ v. Federal Communications Commission
Cindy Rainbow

Volume 3, Issue 2

Bronze Sculptures: Casting Around for Protection
Leonard D. DuBoff

Copyright Protection, the Right to Privacy, and Signals that Enter the Home
Stephen L. Carter

The Use of an Altered Song in Amateur Musical Productions as Copyright Infringement
Cynthia B. Somervill

Section 116 of the 1976 Copyright Revision Act: Jukebox Operators and Copyright Owners Juke It Out Over Royalties
Robert K. Erlanger

Broadway’s Newest Hit: Incentive Zoning for Preserving Legitimate Theatres
Spencer L. Schneider

USIA Censorship of Educational Films for Distribution Abroad
Sharon Esakoff

Nimmer on Freedom of Speech
Franklyn S. Haiman