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Volume 5, Issue 2

Scullduggery and Other Inequities: Scull v. Scull
Raoul Lionel Felder & Jeanne Wilmot Carter

Designations of Source- Are They Necessary to Support Entertainment Industry Merchandising Rights
Paul D. Supnik

The Works: Distinguishing Derivative Creations Under Copyright
Phillip Edward Page

Consequential Damages and Entertainers’ Contracts- The Buck Stops Where?
Robert L. Gordon

A Film of a Different Color: Copyright and the Colorization of Black and White Films
Elise K. Bader

Plaintiffs in Pursuit of Privacy- Libel in Fiction
Eva J. Goldenberg

Drawing Fire: The Proliferation of Libel Suits Against Cartoonists
Donna Stricof Kramer

Achieving Parity in the Taxation of Nonresident Alien Entertainers
Bennet Susser