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Volume 19, Issue 3


Alan Isaacman and the First Amendment: A Candid Interview with Larry Flynt’s Attorney
Clay Calvert & Robert D. Richards

Reconsidering the Federal Journalist’s Privilege for Non-Confidential Information: Gonzalez v. NBC
Anthony L. Fargo

E-Commerce, Business Method Patents, and the USPTO: An Old Debate for a New Economy
Q. Todd Dickinson

Invading the “Homes” of the Homeless: Is Existing Right of Privacy/Publicity Legislation Adequate?
Laurel Kallen

Vertical Integration and Self-Dealing in the Television Industry: Should Profit Participants Be Owed a Fiduciary Duty?
Marc Simon

Does Ethics Make Good Law? A Case Study
Jeff Storey

Preserving the Collaborative Spirit of American Theater: The Need for a “Joint Authorship Default Rule” in Light of the Rent Decision’s Unanswered Question
Paulette S. Fox

Volume 19, Issue 2


White House Anti-Drug Policy: Statutory and Constitutional Implications
Ariel Berschadsky

Napster Through the Scope of Property and Personhood: Leaving Artists Incomplete People
Zachary Garsek

1999 Amendment to Work Made for Hire Doctrine Comes Full Circle: Where It Came From, What It’s Been Through, and Where It Is Now
Valerie A. Dearth

Digital Killed the Radio Star: The Future of the Sound Recording Performance Right
Gary M. McLaughlin

Do It Yourself: The Music Industry Guide to Regulation of Violent Content
James W. Rose

Who Is Entitled to Own the Past?
Ashton Hawkins, David Korzenik & David Rudenstine

Time to Say Good-bye to Madonna’s American Pie: Why Mechanical Compulsory Licensing Should Be Put to Rest
Theresa M. Bevilacqua

Volume 19, Issue 1


Reports from the Front Lines of the Art and Cultural Property Wars, Introductory Comments
Schulyer G. Chapin

Have Moral Rights Come of (Digital) Age in the United States?
Jane C. Ginsburg

The Line Between Work and Framework, Text and Context
Justin Hughes

The Tilted Art Controversy
Richard Serra

Cultural Property, International Trade & Human Rights
John Henry Merryman

The Rightness and Utility of Voluntary Repatriation
David Rudenstine

Museums and the Acquisition of Antiquities
James Cuno

Public Opinion Regarding Cultural Property Policy
Nancy C. Wilkie

What the New Millennium Might Bring
Daniel Shapiro

Art as Information
Michael Govan

Finding Cultural Property Online
Kenneth Hamma

Cloning and Copyright
Stephen E. Weil

Art: To Fund or Not To Fund? That Is Still the Question
Sarah F. Warren

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