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Volume 20, Issue 3


Allchin’s Folly: Exploding Some Myths About Open Source Software
Joseph Scott Miller

Knicks-Heat and the Appropriateness of Sanctions in Sports
Robert L. Bard & Lewis Kurlantzick

Singing Machines: Boy Bands and the Struggle for Artistic Legitimacy
Maria A. Sanders

Miss Scarlett’s License Done Gone!: Parody, Satire, and Markets
Michael A. Einhorn

Innovating Copyright
Lawrence Lessig

Broke or Exploited: The Real Reason Behind Artist Bankruptcies
Risa C. Letowsky

The American Inventors Protection Act of 1999: An Analysis of the New Eighteen-Month Publication Provision
Reiko Watase

Volume 20, Issue 2


The Distant Drumbeat: Why the Law Still Matters in the Information Era
Marci A. Hamilton

Digital TV, Copy Control, and Public Policy
Jonathan Weinberg

Safe Harbors Against the Liability Hurricane: The Communications Decency Act and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Jonathan Band & Matthew Schruers

Internet Television and Copyright Licensing: Balancing Cents and Sensibility
Michael A. Einhorn

War Stories
Jessica Litman

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: An Historical Analysis of Copyright Liability
Matt Jackson

Replaying the Betamax Case for the New Digital VCRs: Introducing TiVo to Fair Use
Matthew W. Bower

The Deep Pocket Dilemma: Setting the Parameters of Talk Show Liability
Jason S. Schlessel

Volume 20, Issue 1


Bridging the Digital Divide: Equality in the Information Age, Introduction
Peter K. Yu

Postcards from the Edge: Surveying the Digital Divide
Andrew G. Celli & Kenneth M. Dreifach

Inequality in the Digital Society: Why the Digital Divide Deserves All the Attention It Gets
Mark N. Cooper

The Digital Divide in the New Millennium
Allen S. Hammond

Coming to Terms with Informational Stratification in the People’s Republic of China
Jack Linchuan Qiu

AOL Time Warner Foundation: Extending Internet Benefits to All
B. Keith Fulton

Going to the Bullpen: Using Uncle Sam to Strike Out Professional Sports Violence
Kevin A. Fritz

A Constitutional Crisis in the Digital Age: Why the FBI’s “Carnivore” Does Not Defy the Fourth Amendment
Aaron Y. Strauss

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