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Volume 22, Issue 1


The Treaty Power and the Patent Clause: Are There Limits on the United States’ Ability to Harmonize?
Timothy R. Holbrook

Accommodating the Unauthorized Use of Copyrighted Works for Religious Purposes Under the Fair Use Doctrine and Copyright Act § 110(3)
Thomas F. Cotter

The International Video Industry: Principles for Vertical Agreements and Integration
John H. Barton

In Opposition to the Proposed Media Marketing Accountability Act of 2001
Angela M. Papalaskaris

“To Clean or Not to Clean”: An Analysis of the Copyright and Trademark Issues Surrounding the Legal Battle Between Third Party Film Editors and the Film Industry
Michael P. Glasser

Shock and Awe: Does the First Amendment Protect a Media Right of Access to Military Operations?
Karen C. Sinai

Albert Pujols: Major League Baseball Salary Arbitration from a Unique Perspective
Stuart J. Riemer

Volume 21, Issue 2-3


Copyright for Religious Reasons: A Comment on Principles of Copyright and Religious Freedom
Thomas C. Berg

UCITA, Copyright, and Capture
Deborah Tussey

Can Police Track Your Wireless Calls? Call Location Information and Privacy Law
Laurie Thomas Lee

Family Feud in the Entertainment Industry: Section 304(a) of the Copyright Act and Its Impact on Estate Distribution
Heather Hubbard

The Silenced Minority: When the RIAA Charges College Radio for Online Broadcasts, Will the Public End up Paying?
Eleanor Lackman

Heartbreak Hotel in B-Flat Broke: Music, Money and (Un)Fair Use
L. Richard Walton

The Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act: Its Problems and Remedies, Including the Possibility of a United States Boxing Administration
Devin J. Burstein

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