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Volume 32, Issue 1


Republican Study Committee Policy Brief: Three Myths About Copyright Law and Where to Start to Fix It
Derek Khanna

Reflection on the House Republican Study Committee Copyright Report
Derek Khanna 

Protecting Post-Mortem Privacy: Reconsidering the Privacy Interets of the Deaceased in a Digital World 
Lilian Edwards and Edina Harbinja

Self-Replicating Technologies and the Challenge for the Patent and Antitrust Laws
Daryl Lim

The Semiotics of Alpha Brands: Encoding/Decoding/Recoding/Transcoding of Louis Vuitton and Implications for Trademark Laws
David Tan  


Caught in a Bind: Reassessing Judicial Authority to Bind Non-Party Search Engines Under Rule 65 in Counterfeit Goods Cases 
Courtney Brown

Protecting the Innocent—the Need to Adapt Federal Asset Forfeiture Laws to Protect the Interests of Third Parties in Digital Asset Seizures 
Elizabeth Friedler

Why Can’t We Be (F)RANDs?: The Effect of Reasonable and Non-Discriminatory Commitments on Standard-Essential Patent Licensing
Robert D. Keeler

“A Right to Be Spared Unhappiness”: Images of Death and the Expansion of the Relational Right of Privacy
Catherine Leibowitz 

@SocialMedia: Speech with a Click of a Button? #SocialSharingButtons
Alicia D. Sklan