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Volume 34, Issue 2


Copyright in Pantomime – Brian L. Frye

Access-to-Error – Michal Shur-Ofry

Disciplining the Right of Publicity’s Nebulous First Amendment Defense with Teachings from Trademark Law – Wee Jin Yeo


Did Vimeo Kill the Radio Star? DMCA Safe Harbors, Pre-1972 Sound Recordings & the Future of Digital Music – Tatsuya Adachi

Katherine Heigl v. Duane Reade: The Predicted Outcome and Insight into New York Publicity Rights – Amy Delauter

Offensive Linemen: How Pro Football, Inc.’s Responses to the Cancellation of the Redskins Registrations Should be Incorporated into the USPTO’s Future Analyses of Disparaging Trademarks – Stella Silverstein

The Ninth Circuit’s Decision in Von Saher v. Norton Simon Museum of Art at Pasadena: The Invocation of the Act of State Doctrine and its Implications for Future Nazi-Stolen Art Claims – Erica Wolf

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