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Volume 32, Issue 3


Borrowed Fiction and the Rightful Copyright
Viva R. Moffat

The “Dot” Times They Are A-Changin': How New Generic Top Level Domains (gTLDS) Will Change Consumer Perception About the Internet
Eric J. Shimanoff

Spring Symposium: Data Privacy & Transparency in Private and Government Data Collection
Loffie Cranor, Brett Frischmann, Ryan Harkins, Helen Nissenbaum, Nate Cardozo, Mariko Hirose, Jonathan Manes, Ira Rubinstein, Christopher Wolf


Fair or Foul? Major League Baseball’s Use of a Tortious Interference Lawsuit as a Means of Investigation
Michael Beck

Trademark Protection in the New Internet Age: Template for Successful Legal Rights Objections in the GTLD Revolution
Katarzyna (Kate) M. Dolinska

Bright Lights, Bright-Line: Toward Separation and Reformation of the Transformative Use Analysis
Jennifer Yeh

One-Off and Off-Hand: Developing an Appropriate Course of Liability in Threatening Online Mass Communication Events 
Michael Barrett Zimmerman