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Volume 32, Issue 2


Kill Switches, Forum Doctrine, and the First Amendment’s Digital Future
Enrique Armijo   

Transnational Forfeiture of the “Getty” Bronze
Derek Fincham  

“What Exactly Are You Implying?”: The Elusive Nature of the Implied Copyright License
Christopher M. Newman

White Paper: A Proposal to Reform U.S. Law and Policy Relating to the International Exchange of Cultural Property
William G. Pearlstein


Examining the § 271(e)(1) Safe Harbor of the Hatch-Waxman Act: A Legislative Proposal Granting Mandatory Post-Marketing Exceptions
Jessica Chao

Rebalancing Pay-for-Delay: Why No-Authorized Generic Agreements Should Be Subject to Higher Antitrust Scrutiny
David C. Kurlander

Lo and Behold!: Does Tolerated Use Give an Incentive to Plagiarize? An Example through the Music of Bob Dylan
Julie Levine

The Israeli Anti-Boycott Law: Should Artists Be Worried?
Arie Peled